Colleen Giroux-Schmidt

Colleen Giroux-Schmidt brings over a decade and a half of experience in BC and Canadian resource development with an extensive knowledge of the renewable energy sector.  As Senior Director – Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs for Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. her focus is on working with various stakeholders including all levels of government, First Nations and communities to increase renewable energy opportunities to help the jurisdictions Innergex works in meet their climate change goals.  As a current member of the Board of Directors for Clean Energy BC (CEBC), she helps promote and support the growth of British Columbia’s Clean Energy industry.

Colleen has a strong background in government relations, relationship building, regulatory and policy development as well as project management skills.  She has had the opportunity to be involved in the development, environmental assessment and permitting, construction, and operations phases of numerous clean energy projects, including more than 40 run-of-river hydro facilities and several wind farms which has afforded her a broad perspective on developing clean energy projects from the ground up.

Colleen is well-versed in association management, having spent several years working with the Association for Mineral Exploration BC. Today, she is active with many of the associations Innergex is a member of and is the past-chair of CEBC’s annual Generate Conference. Colleen continues to participate in government working groups and task forces, both provincially and federally, as well as leads Innergex’s work with the Energy Forum, a collaborative table of representatives from the ENGO community and the renewable energy industry.

In 2014, Colleen was chosen to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program with the US State Department on renewable energy policy. Her contributions to BC’s resource development industries have been recognized through a nomination for the Minerva Foundation’s 2014 Women in Energy awards and AME BC’s Honourable Service Roll.

Colleen is committed to working collaboratively with governments, First Nations, industry and other stakeholders to develop workable solutions and policies that ensure renewable energy development will be supported to meet climate objectives and future energy needs.

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