Hydro Committee Mandate

As the Operational Committee that oversees the key issues and work that relates to the small hydro industry in British Columbia, it is imperative for the Hydro Committee to have a defined path forward.

Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC) outlines its vision, mission and values with three clear goals for the Association: grow the sector, grow the Association, and gain and maintain social license for the sector. All work undertaken by Hydro Committee must resort back to these three fundamental goals.









1. Grow the Sector:

  • Work collaboratively, for the benefit of the sector, with government and BC Hydro to ensure future power needs are met with clean energy – delivered with social license and providing high value at the least cost.
  • Cooperate with other Operational Committees to overcome shared issues which impact our ability to bring clean energy resources to the people of BC.
  • Continue to support operational projects, recognizing that future development opportunities will be enhanced by the success of existing facilities.
  • When necessary, create subcommittees to further work on high priority issues and work with members to designate issue leads.
  • Guide the hydro subcommittee issue leads through regular progress reporting back to the Hydro Committee to ensure actions and outcomes are aligned with broader sector objectives.

2. Grow the Association:

  • Provide a constructive forum for developers and operators to communicate their experiences in the industry as a way to understand when further action on an issue is needed.
  • Assist CEBC with various information and education initiatives such as:
    • updating the fact sheets on large hydro, wave, tidal, and run of river projects that are on CEBC’s website and ensure they are updated as needed going forward
    • compilation of “Accurate Facts” database.
  • Work with the Conference Chair to ensure Hydro has a significant representation at the annual Generate conference.

3. Grow Social License

  • Recognize sustainable growth of hydro power in British Columbia requires responsible, robust and efficient permitting, and socially and environmentally responsible development.
  • Ensure government and First Nations understand our industry is capable of delivering renewable power on a cost-competitive basis to meet the long-term needs of British Columbians, and advocate to “raise the bar” on future procurement in an effort to mitigate risk and avoid attrition.
  • Ensure success stories of the industry are shared with government, First Nations, and other stakeholders to further future development of the sector.
  • Ensure and assist CEBC in maintaining its strong relationship with the ENGO community through such initiatives as:
    • continued dialogue with the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF),
    • participation at the Energy Forum
    • partaking in organized public events where opportunities exist to inform and educate a broader community on the merits of the renewable energy sector

Hydro Committee meetings are being held ad hoc.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Co-chairs are Stu Croft and Isabelle Deguise. For further information on Hydro Committee, please email Clean Energy BC at info@cleanenergybc.org.

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