Market Development Committee Mandate

As the Operational Committee that oversees the key issues and work that relates to the Clean Energy market in British Columbia, it is imperative for the Market Development Committee to have a defined path forward.

CEBC has outlined its vision, mission and values with four clear goals for the Association:

  1. Grow the sector;

2. Grow the Association;

3. Gain and maintain social license for the sector; and

4. Ensure the business and regulatory climate is reasonable and efficient for operating assets.

All work undertaken by Market Development Committee must resort back to these four fundamental goals.

1. Grow the Sector

  • Work collaboratively, for the benefit of the sector, with government and BC Hydro to ensure future power needs are met with clean energy – delivered with social license at the lowest cost.
  • Cooperate with other Operational Committees to overcome shared issues which inhibit our collective ability to obtain a path to power procurement.
  • Continue to support operational projects, recognizing that future development opportunities with be enhanced by the success of existing facilities.
  • When necessary, Market Development Co-Chairs will work with the Market Issues Committee Chair to create subcommittees to further work on high priority market issues and work with members to designate issue leads.
  • Market Development Co-Chairs will work closely with Market Issues Committee and its Chair(s) to ensure the necessary support is made available to further their work on key market issues.
  • Market Development Co-Chairs will liaise with other Operational Committees and Co-Chairs as needed when issues cross fuel types.

2. Grow the Association

  • Increase membership value to both current and potential members by providing a monthly educational forum on current hot market topics. Suggestions on monthly topics will come from Market Development Committee members, with final decision being made by the Co-Chairs.
  • Provide a constructive forum for members to communicate their experiences in the industry as a way to understand when further action on an issue is needed.
  • Market Development Co-Chairs will work with the Conference Chair to ensure Market Development has significant representation at the annual Generate conference.

3. Grow Social License

  • Ensure government and First Nations understand our industry is capable of delivering lowest-cost renewable power to meet the long-term needs of British Columbians, as such we should advocate to “raise the bar” on future procurement in an effort to mitigate risk and avoid attrition.
  • Ensure success stories of the industry are shared with government, First Nations, and other stakeholders to further future development of the sector.
  • Work collectively to disseminate CEBC’s “Key Messages” to regional, provincial, and federal governments, the media, and public.
  • Ensure Business and Regulatory Climate is reasonable and efficient for operating assets

Work cooperatively with other operational committees, the management of CEBC and the Board of Directors of CEBC in order to:

  1. Advocate for reasonable and efficient regulatory processes
  2. Ensure fiscal context is sustainable
  3. Foster a culture of best management practices and excellence in operations

Market Development Committee meets on the first Thursday of every month from 12:00 – 1:30 pm.

Market Committee meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Chair is Richard Harper. For further information on Market Development Committee, please email Anitra Paris at

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