Solar Committee Mandate

As the Operational Committee that oversees the key issues and processes in relation to the solar industry in British Columbia, it is imperative for the Solar Committee to have a defined and focused mandate for success.

The 2014 three-year Strategic Plan for the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC) outlines its vision, mission and values with three clear goals for the Association: grow the sector, grow the association, and gain and maintain social license for the sector. All work undertaken by Solar Committee must reflect these three fundamental goals.



1. Grow the Sector:

  • Ensure the specifics of solar power technologies are represented in discussions with Government and BC Hydro on the IRP, RFP process and expansion of the SOP.
  • Work to enhance the general understanding among all stakeholders including Government, the public and BC Hydro, of solar generation as an economic and viable renewable energy source for the province of British Columbia.

2. Grow the Association:

  • Work with other Operational Committees as needed when issues intersect other fuel types and technologies.
  • Collaborate with other committees to share experience and lessons learned in dealing with the permitting, development and implementation process of clean energy developments.
  • Work in partnership with CANSIA to enhance the nationwide response to initiatives and/or development challenges of the solar industry.

3. Grow Social License

  • Recognize that the growth of solar power in British Columbia requires responsibly addressing legal, administrative, environmental and social aspects related to the industry.
  • Collaborate and partner with First Nations, whenever appropriate, recognizing it is advantageous to work together to develop shared objectives and actions, and to build lasting relationships.
  • Ensure success stories of the solar industry are shared with government, First Nations, stakeholders and the public to further future development of the sector.

Solar Committee meetings are being held ad hoc.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Co-chairs are Michel de Spot and Peter Leighton. For further information on Solar Committee, please email Clean Energy BC at

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