Our overarching priority at Clean Energy BC is to support BC’s transition to low-carbon energy through the development of effective climate policy and clean energy electrification. We will do this at a greater speed, lower financial risk and with less cost than any new alternative; thus providing the BC ratepayers, BC Hydro, and the BC government with affordable and best value clean energy. This Value Proposition highlights our values of working in a transparent, trustworthy, and credible manner with all segments of BC’s communities – including the government, BC Hydro, First Nations, and the general public. Our vision is for BC’s communities to all have access to clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy produced by the private sector; ultimately leading the world in modelling a sustainable way of life.

Leveling the Playing Field

The clean energy industry is often tasked with unparalleled levels of regulation and permitting requirements when compared to other natural resource sectors in the Province of British Columbia. Although this has allowed BC’s clean energy sector to be cutting edge and to set the standards high internationally, it has increased costs, complexity, and risks in ways that are unproportioned to impacts.

Clean Energy BC is continuously working towards streamlining the process for clean energy projects by advocating for the following:

  • Shorter interconnection times and decision-making;
  • Natural resource industries all fulfilling the same requirements while working with Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development as well as The Environmental Assessment Office;
  • Consistency in environmental monitoring standards; and
  • Clean energy projects supporting larger Federal and Provincial climate goals and campaigning for climate change issues to be included in BCUC and BCH decision-making frameworks.

Local Insight and Engagement

Legislation and regulations are continuously changing and progressing. Clean Energy BC monitors these issues and we are evolving how we notify our membership when there may be something of concern or interest such as:

  • Amendments to British Columbia’s wildlife habitat regulations and Species at Risk Act.
  • Monitoring secondary issues that may impact the clean energy industry in the future. For example, monitoring the White-nose Syndrome in bats.
  • Submitting responses to the Province of British Columbia’s consultations and engagements on behalf of the clean energy and climate change industries.
  • Special members committees assembling to discuss specific issues in order to gather insight and create messaging.

Stronger Together Through Effective Collaboration

Our association strengthens engagement with the Canadian and BC Government, municipalities and the business community, elevating our goal to create a viable clean energy industry. We collaborate with other associations to accelerate the process of the clean energy transition. This also means increasing energy literacy in the general public and across local government through workshops and presentations, ultimately unifying municipalities and regional districts. We are the voice of an entire sector moving beyond individual businesses or organizations. This includes:

  • Writing and contributing to op-eds, interviews and collaborations with other associations and institutions;
  • Encouraging member engagement by unifying support and highlighting our industry’s priorities and goals;
  • Hosting short courses at events that will be turned into Webinars that enable members to take part when they want, from wherever they want to;
  • Providing a voice at the table on the BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative;
  • Steering committee on the BC Natural Resource Forum. Starting in 2019 we will be running a Renewable Energy 101 course at the annual conference in Prince George;
  • Acting as a contributing member of other associations and business groups on mutually beneficial issues;
  • Collaborating on research proposals with academic institutions and with other members;
  • Bringing funding opportunities to members’ attention; and
  • Reviewing our annual events to consider the evolving needs of our operational members, including reviewing the timing of Generate and the Spring Conference/operations workshop.

Bringing Electrons to Market and Incubation

Our province has an opportunity to strengthen our export markets, and Clean Energy BC is the ideal association to help further these targets. California is the world’s fifth largest market and with their recent commitments in Senate Bill 100 of the California Clean Energy Act, British Columbia must seize this opportunity. Potential actions include:

  • Strengthening IPPs’ relationship with BC Hydro and Powerex to bring electrons to market both in BC and for export, and
  • Incubating the renewable energy market behind-the-fence and with corporate PPAs.

Innovative Technologies and Approaches

CEBC brings innovations from across the globe to its members’ attention. Forward-thinking technologies and methods include PPA insurance, blockchain energy sales methodologies, and AI learning algorithms. These innovative approaches increase the performance of renewable energy systems.

Electrification and the Climate Change Agenda

As an association, we can advocate for extensive electrification which will enable our province to meet its climate targets. Through research conducted in white papers and other reports, we are building the broader narrative of this exciting opportunity. Exploring electrification and aligning it with independent power producers can help build BC’s economy. We are promoting this agenda by achieving the following:

  • Linking the Federal climate change initiatives like Generation Energy to BC;
  • Bringing together experts to share best practices at the Global Electrification Summit;
  • Advancing the narrative by hosting Generate 2018 Transformation Through Electrification; and
  • Promoting a grassroots-level energy and climate literacy campaign to build awareness and a sense of accountability on an individual level.

Operations Committee

British Columbia has over 100 power production sites in operation. In order to maximize efficiency, building knowledge and a supportive flow of dialogue between operators is important for the longevity of this sector. Clean Energy BC hosts bi-monthly Operations Committee meetings to facilitate this dialogue. In addition, we maintain a strong relationship with WorkSafeBC so that we may stay updated on regulatory changes and increase the safety of operations.

Broader First Nations Reconciliation Engagement

Clean Energy BC works collaboratively with BC’s First Nations because we recognize the transformative economic opportunity that clean energy projects offer both First Nations and rural communities through royalties, shared revenues and taxes, and jobs and investments. It is very important for us to discuss and consider all aspects of clean energy, the environment, and impacted communities through an inclusive and intersectional lens. We recognize the vital role of energy sovereignty and knowledge sharing to foster self-determination in First Nations communities. Our relationship-building with First Nations includes the following:

  • The First Nations Clean Energy Survey which received 105 responses from BC First Nations with over 95% support for clean energy projects;
  • First Nations Clean Energy Strategy and the “Where to From Here: Options for First Nations in BC” report; and
  • Participation from over 140 First Nations in the 2016 and 2017 Generate conferences and First Nations Workshop. We have been offering this all-day course for over 5 years and we have been increasing capacity by moving from general subjects to more specific topics to assist First Nations in the development of their clean energy projects.

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