What is The Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC)?

Clean Energy BC aims to provide cost-effective electricity through the efficient & environmentally responsible development of the Province’s energy resources.

The Voice of Independent Power

CEBC (and its predecessor IPPBC) has been the voice of the Clean Energy industry and independent power for 25 years.

Our Core Principles

Our core principles are to gain and maintain social license for the sector by working in a transparent, trustworthy, and credible manner with all segments of BC’s communities.

Over 130 members

With over 130 members, CEBC represents the vast majority of the clean energy operating and development companies in the province, as well as the suppliers, contractors and service providers to BC’s clean energy sector.

Technological Diversity

Our members include representatives from technologies such as small (run-of-river) hydro, wind, natural gas, biomass, and biogas and emerging technologies such as geothermal, solar, ocean/tidal and biofuels.

Effective Advocacy

We are active in effective advocacy with all levels of government, BC Hydro, First Nations, and the public.

Promotion of Understanding

We promote a better understanding of the Clean Energy sector, its potential and its benefits.

Our Mission

Our overarching priority at CEBC is to support BC’s transition to low-carbon energy through the development of effective climate policy and clean energy electrification. We will do this at a greater speed, lower financial risk and with less cost than any new alternative; thus providing the BC ratepayers, BC Hydro, and the BC government with affordable and best value clean energy.

Our Mandate


To develop and grow a viable and affordable Clean Energy sector in BC that provides cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity to the public.


To grow the Association, recognizing that through a robust and active membership, BC’s Clean Energy sector will grow and thrive along with it.


To work collaboratively with BC’s First Nations because we recognize the transformative economic opportunity clean energy projects offer both First Nations and rural communities through royalties, shared revenues and taxes, and jobs and investments.


To improve the regulatory and economic environments for clean energy production in BC.

Why Become a Member?

Your Voice

Our work is driven by the collective needs of our membership and the industry. By becoming a member, your voice will be heard not only by your peers in the sector, but also by all levels of government, BC Hydro, First Nations, and the public.

Networking Opportunities

We provide our members with valuable networking and sales opportunities that often facilitate growth to their businesses. We also provide a platform for our members to access innovative technologies and approaches through collaboration with other associations.

Regulation & Policy Updates

We keep our members appraised of the most recent advancements and changes to local and federal government regulations and policies. Members often have the opportunity to be involved in the government consultation process prior to these changes occurring.

Member Discounts

Members enjoy significant discounts to attend CEBC events, including our Lunch+Learns, Spring Conference, and annual Generate Conference.

Committee Participation

Members are invited to share their knowledge and participate in our Operational Committees that work on policy development, research, communications, and advocacy initiatives.

Effective Advocacy

As a member, you will strengthen the representation of your interests in the province and presence within the industry.

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