Clean Energy BC’s 30th AGM was held virtually on June 18th. Following Minister Ralston’s address to CEBC members, the 2020 Student Scholarship award was presented to Erika Lieu of Burnaby North Secondary School. Ecofish Research generously sponsored this scholarship — as leaders in environmental assessment and monitoring, Ecofish adjudicated this year’s scholarship submissions and we were thrilled that Tom Hicks, Senior Project Manager at Ecofish, was able to award Erika her well-deserved scholarship live during our virtual AGM.

Out of this year’s 53 submissions, the Scholarship Committee — consisting of staff from both CEBC and Ecofish — unanimously agreed that Erika’s essay particularly stood out for her poetic style as well as her impressive experience and knowledge of the clean energy industry.

In her essay, Erika states that her interest in clean energy alternatives led her to design and build a hydroelectric turbine for her eighth grade science fair project. This turbine converted falling rainwater into electricity — perfectly suited for Vancouver weather! Erika says that, “The exploration with this project opened my eyes to my capabilities as a young aspiring creator with a passion for the environment.”

We are moved by the dedication exhibited by Erika for our environment. Her insight and intellectual curiosity have led her to pursue a degree in Applied Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She wishes to “contribute to creating a future that ensures we are taking care of the only place we call home.”

We whole-heartedly agree with Erika that “the shift towards clean energy should be a question of when, rather than a question of if.” Low-carbon electricity is one of BC’s strengths and leveraging this will create a more sustainable and resilient British Columbia.

We applaud all of this year’s applicants for their submissions, sincerely thank Ecofish for their ongoing support, and give another warm congratulations to Erika Lieu for her commitment to pursuing clean energy.

Click Here to Hear from Erika in Her Own Words

This is the fourth year that Clean Energy BC has offered the Clean Energy Student Scholarship at our AGM. Check back next spring for updates on our 2021 Student Scholarship!

If you are a youth who is inspired by clean energy, tech, innovation, sustainability, or environmental justice, contact us for more information on how you can volunteer with Clean Energy BC.

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