Now is an exceptional opportunity to hire great engineering talent.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the way that businesses recruit, with many companies implementing a slowdown in hiring, or a complete hiring freeze during the pandemic.

As the economy starts to pick up and restrictions are lifted, those same companies will be looking to hire the technical and leadership expertise that they require.

Make sure that you are ahead of the curve.

Business leaders and hiring managers are now starting to think beyond simply surviving the pandemic and are planning towards the re-development of their organization and business.

With talented, experienced and highly educated graduates also seeking new opportunities, this is the moment to hire great talent.

Source and connect with professional talent.

The UBC Masters of Engineering Leadership (MEL) program makes hiring easy. When you post a job with us, it is circulated to our list of over 200 MEL graduates and alumni.

Enable your job opportunity to reach qualified candidates with the technical, business and leadership skills to support your company’s growth.

Whether you are looking for professionals in areas of engineering, clean energy, software development, marine innovation, building design, or urban planning, MEL graduates have you covered.

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