BC’s Forrest Kerr run-of-river hydro plant (AltaGas, 195MW) goes COD

BC’s Forrest Kerr run-of-river hydro plant (AltaGas, 195MW) goes COD

The Forrest Kerr hydroelectric project has hit its commercial operation date and has delivered its certificate of COD to BC Hydro.

AltaGas Ltd. said the 195MW plant on the Iskut River in northwestern BC had completed the final 72-hour period of testing required under its electricity purchase agreement with BC Hydro. A certificate of COD was then delivered to BC Hydro.

“This is the last major milestone for the largest project in AltaGas’ history,” said David Harris, chief operating officer.

“The final test phase went as planned and Forrest Kerr has officially started delivering clean power to British Columbia.

“I would like to thank all our employees and contractors, the Government of British Columbia and BC Hydro for their contribution to the success of our project.

“I would like to especially thank the Tahltan First Nation, on whose traditional territory this landmark green project operates.

“They have played a key role in the project’s success and we will continue to work closely with them as we provide clean energy to British Columbia for decades to come.”

The $725-million Forrest Kerr facility delivers clean power to the BC bia power grid through BC Hydro’s new Northwest Transmission Line.

(Posted here 21 October 2014, derived from an AltaGas news release.)

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