Clean Energy BC Endorses Energy Forum’s Call for Action on Energy and Climate

Clean Energy BC Endorses Energy Forum’s Call for Action on Energy and Climate

VANCOUVER – The Energy Forum today released a statement calling for bold action on energy and climate by the British Columbia Government leading up to the United Nations climate-change conference in Paris in early December 2015.

Clean Energy BC, representing over 220 clean energy operating and development companies, suppliers, contractors, and service providers, is pleased to be one of the 100 companies, organizations and cities to support this initiative that seeks bold measures that will lead to a “province powered by clean energy” and provide “protection from a changing climate”.

If we are to tackle the challenge of meeting our climate commitments we are going to need to decarbonize the economy. That means converting almost everything that runs on oil and gas to instead run on clean power—cars, factories, hot water heaters, the works. The joint declaration stresses that “we can’t afford to delay. Now is the time to lead the transition to a clean energy economy”. BC’s clean energy sector, which responsibly, reliably, and affordably produces renewable energy for more than 1.5 million homes, will undoubtedly play a critical role in this transition.

The B.C. government is expected to release the draft Climate Leadership Plan in December, followed by a 60-day public consultation. The final Climate Leadership Plan is slated for public release in March 2016.

Clean Energy BC is a proud member of The Energy Forum, a collaboration of British Columbian power producers, industry associations, and non-government organizations that are working together to address the challenges and opportunities by the nexus of energy, climate and ecosystems.

Download copies of the Call for Action on Energy and Climate and the Call for Action on Energy and Climate in the Building Sector.
Paul Kariya

Executive Director
Clean Energy Association of BC

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