Employment Opportunity at CEBC – Manager, Clean Energy Operations and Development

Employment Opportunity at CEBC – Manager, Clean Energy Operations and Development

Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC)
Job Description

Position: Manager, Clean Energy Development and Operations
Department: Operations
Location: Vancouver

Position Summary:

Working within the small team structure of CEBC, provides leadership and coordination to volunteer operating committees enabling member companies and their projects to develop and operate successfully in British Columbia.

Organizational Status:

Reports to the Executive Director

Works collegially with the Administrative Coordinator for scheduling of meetings, notices, agendas, circulation of meeting notes and managing correspondence.

Works collegially with the Office and Events Manager for checking memberships, renewals, organization of special events (AGM, Golf Tournament, Annual Conference and association workshops and speaker events).

Works collegially with other staff that may be retained from time to time for specific functions – such as media campaigns, communications, public relations, economic analysis and regulatory affairs.

Works collegially with volunteer operating committee chairpersons and committee members.

Priority Committees: Market Development, Wind, Hydro, Operational Safety, Generate Conference and First Nations.  Two other important committees to support are:  Client Advisory with BC MFLNRO and MOU with MEM and BC Hydro.  Ad hoc issue committees are formed from time to time to support members needs as required, i.e. ramping rates (for Hydro) and taxation.

Work Performed:

Within the framework of a multi-year Strategic Plan and Annual Operational Plan, work with Executive Director, board members, committee chairs, members, task team members and staff to identify the key issues, projects, and activities that enable CEBC members to successfully operate current projects and develop new projects in BC.  Annually prepare effective committee work plans and support the development of goals and objectives.

Provide leadership to help develop strategies and execute on these for CEBC overall and committee work plans to be successful to members:

  • provide research and analysis on topics.
  • prepare briefing notes and correspondence.
  • undertake analysis of reports and findings and summarize these for members.
  • develop strategies and tools to enable policy development.
  • manage social media platforms.
  • assist with issues management
  • meet with representatives from members companies.
  • meet with First Nation representatives and support their interests in clean energy.
  • meet with officials in government (fed, prov and municipal)
  • meet with officials at BC Hydro
  • support committee chairs and also lead task teams in problem resolution 

Performance measure is effective committees that are solving member (corporately) and sector problems.

Work with committee chairs and Executive Director to prepare committee agendas, attend meetings, take meeting notes, develop follow-up action plans and ensure follow-up occurs.

Work with Administrative Coordinator to ensure meeting notices, agenda, minutes, meeting packages, follow-up action plans are sent out in a timely manner. Content is the responsibility of the Manager of Clean Energy Operations and Development.

Note: some committees meet monthly, others quarterly or at the call of the chairs.

As a small office with limited resources, from time to time there will be requirement to assist with:

  • setting up meetings
  • preparing briefing material to the board of directors
  • preparing correspondence for the Executive Director
  • drafting communications releases and fact sheets and material for the website
  • preparing monthly email newsletter to members
  • assisting the Events Coordinator with membership renewals and events productions

Consequence of Error/Judgment:

This position is a middle level position with considerable responsibility.  Miscommunications or misunderstandings between members potentially lead to conflicts.  The same with BC Hydro or government officials has bottom line implications for members. Accuracy, sound judgment and careful consideration of issues/positions are important characteristics.


Regular direction from Executive Director, Volunteer committee chairs and various ad hoc Task Team leaders.

Education/Work Experience:

Undergraduate degree in economics, commerce, social sciences, geography, or other related discipline.

Minimum 2- 5 years progressive work experience in public policy, communications, PR/GR with content experience in a natural resources development field. Must be comfortable with technical development and operations subjects.

  • Quick study
  • Self-starter
  • Ability to work in team settings but know when to step-up and lead
  • Good writer
  • Oral presentation skills

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