Presenting Generate 2018’s Big Ideas Show Winner: Melanie Mason

Presenting Generate 2018’s Big Ideas Show Winner: Melanie Mason

Big Ideas Show Photo 2

James Glave, Melanie Mason, and Colleen Giroux-Schmidt

This year’s Generate 2018 included a special treat: The Big Ideas Show, hosted by James Glave of Glave Communications, and Colleen Giroux-Schmidt of Innergex. The Big Ideas Show did not fail to deliver on its promise of high-energy entertainment and fresh innovation.

Wearing his silver sequin suit jacket reminiscent of a 70s disco (see above), James facilitated the discussion with co-host Colleen, allowing each contestant to pitch their big idea relating to increasing awareness, deployment, and performance of clean energy generation in BC to an audience of conference attendees. The five groups of contestants included Cory Beaver from SevenGen, Keegan Taccori and Joel Hayes of Route Del Sol, Mohammad Akhlaghi of, Tim Thompson of Borealis GeoPower, and Melanie Mason who presented her case for an all-electric ferry from Bowen Island to the Mainland.

Melanie ardently addressed the issue of Bowen Island’s current GHG emissions — 90% of which stem from the transportation sector, and 38% of which are derived from the ferries. Considering that there are approximately 500 commuters per day to the Mainland, including 200 high school students, implementing a new electric ferry system would be environmentally revolutionary for BC. The benefits of such ferries would include cost-effectiveness, noise reduction for sensitive marine wildlife, the support of sustainable tourism, and an overall decrease of hundreds of thousands of litres of Diesel per year.

Perhaps this electric ferry big idea will spread to the rest of BC’s coastal regions — for the 47 ports and 25 provincial routes to be more specific. Canada’s first electric ferries have already been ordered in Kingston, Ontario for Amherst Island and Wolfe Island. Delivery is planned for 2020/2021. We hope that BC will be soon to follow… In the meantime, we will take inspiration from Melanie and give her the utmost congratulations for her shining presentation at the Big Ideas Show. Each contestant’s big idea brings us one step closer to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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Thank you to all of the contestants!

From left to right: Colleen Giroux-Schmidt, Keegan Taccori, Tim Thompson, Melanie Mason, Joel Hayes, Cory Beaver, Mohammad Akhlaghi, and James Glave

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