Press Release: Clean Energy BC in Support of MOU to Electrify British Columbia’s Gas Industry

Press Release: Clean Energy BC in Support of MOU to Electrify British Columbia’s Gas Industry


Bear Mountain Wind Park, developed by Clean Energy BC member Aeolis Wind, is one of the sites that falls into the voltage conversion project included in August 29 2019’s electrification announcement. 

August 29 – Vancouver, BC

For Immediate Release

Clean Energy BC (CEBC) has been the voice of the clean energy sector for over 25 years. Our membership is comprised of renewable energy developers, operators, service providers, First Nations and academic institutions. These world class organizations currently provide 18-25% of the province’s electricity generation. British Columbia is proud to have the largest clean tech sector in Canada.

We applaud the announcement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier John Horgan on signing a Memorandum of Understanding committing to provide infrastructure that will allow British Columbia’s natural gas production and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sectors to be powered by clean electricity. CEBC has been promoting the electrification of the gas industry, especially the Montney basin, for several years.

“Low-carbon electricity is British Columbia’s competitive advantage and this $680 million announcement for near-term infrastructure projects, along with the consideration for Indigenous and private sector ownership to advance priority projects, will enable us to provide the clean power that will lower the impact of natural gas production and reach our climate goals.”

— Isabelle Deguise, Chair of Clean Energy BC

We are highly supportive of the Province of British Columbia and the Canadian Federal Government releasing this announcement and we recognize the social benefits as well. The implementation of infrastructure in the North East and renewable energy projects to support the required power to electrify the gas sector will create many middle-class jobs across the Province of BC. First Nation communities could also benefit greatly if the principles of UNDRIP are upheld; First Nations need to be involved throughout all natural resource development. Our sector has witnessed how clean energy projects are a tool for reconciliation for First Nation communities.

“The scale of the opportunity is immense. This past weekend, Enbridge announced a new facility. That facility alone will increase BC’s gas production by 30%. The sector is likely to double in size over the next decade, electrifying this industry in key to minimizing emissions and this announcement is an excellent step towards achieving our CleanBC goals. Our members are prepared to respond to this electricity demand with the cost competitiveness, speed and innovation that electrifying the North East deserves.” 

— Martin Mullany, Executive Director of Clean Energy BC

The government is proud of the $40 billion private sector investment into a major LNG project in Kitimat. The clean energy sector can also provide large private sector investments into British Columbia to support the low-carbon expansion of the gas industry while maximizing economic growth. This allows both sectors to create construction jobs, long term operational employment, gas royalties, tax revenues, wealth and economic prosperity for BC.

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Original Posting from BC Gov News


Isabelle Deguise

Chair Clean Energy BC


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