Thank you to everyone who tuned into our Electrification of BC webinar.

The slides from the presentation can be found here as a PDF .

If you are interested in reading the paper that was released in October 2018, the report can be found here.

Clean Energy BC focused on three main areas of electrification through transportation, built environment and industry. For this webinar, we were lucky enough to be joined by the following presenters who spoke to their expertise.

Clean Energy BC Board of the Chair, Martin Mullany of Bridge Power

Built Environment: Heat-pumps
Clean Energy BC member, Ron Monk of KWL

Industry: LNG
Clean Energy BC 2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Richard Harper of WSP

Industry : Upstream
Clean Energy BC Board Member, Steve Davis of Steve Davis & Associates

Clean BC

We are confident that low-carbon electrification will play a key role in reaching the targets set by Government of BC’s targets in CleanBC.

Through the release of the Electrification of BC white paper, our organization secured over 30 meetings with government, NGOs and industry associations. We are advocating for alignment of our climate targets with energy policy.

Clean Energy BC is an industry association, we represent a unified voice for the clean energy sector. Our membership ranges from renewable energy operators, developers, service providers such as lawyers, financiers and environmental consultants, as well as academic institutes and 12 First Nations.

Learn More

We will post a synopsis and summary response to all of the engaged questions we received during the webinar. If you have more in-depth questions, contact information can be found on the last slide of the PDF presentation. Please return to this post to find our summary response in the near future.

We are ecstatic to be hosting our upcoming conference in Trail, BC Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future from June 3rd– 5th.

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