Dialogue Summary for Generation Energy Released

Dialogue Summary for Generation Energy Released

CEBC welcomes the Generation Energy dialogue summary that lays out a path to Canada’s low-carbon energy future. The report highlights the broad vision that is needed for Canada’s transition to a low carbon economy and articulates many details that are vital in increasing literacy about energy’s key role. It paints a picture of what Canada will look like a generation from now in 2040. To enable this vision, we need to at least double Canada’s electricity generation with non-emitting renewable sources and greatly expand our transmission and distribution system. One of CEBC’s core focuses is on the electrification agenda which is why our organization launched Canada’s first Global Electrification Summit in Vancouver in June 2018. The follow-up white paper, Electrification of BC, will be released summer of 2018. Independent Power Producers (IPPs) are here to help this transition. Canadians are overwhelmingly asking for collaboration as we forage this path forward. We have the capital, the expertise and the First Nations relationships ready to invest. Our members are willing to invest in BC and have over $10 Billion ready for this energy shift. It is clear that this transition needs to start now!


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